T’ai-Chi (Taiji) Classes and Events with Robert Chuckrow. Ph.D.
Note: All T’ai-Chi Classes Include Ch’i-Kung (Qigong)

The following information was updated on May 16, 2018:

Class Times and Locations

• T’ai-Chi (Taiji) Classes at Trinity Episcopal Church, 7 South Highland Ave. (NE corner of Route 9 and Ellis Place), Ossining, NY:

Saturday Mornings: 9:30–11:30 A.M., ongoing. The first trial class is free. Thereafter, the fee is $84.00 for eight consecutive weeks of classes. All levels of experience are welcome.

For information on whether or not this class will be canceled due to weather (or any other reason) or its location changed, please go to Info.html. That information will be available by 8:00 of the morning in question at latest.

Directions to Trinity Church

Description of Class Activities

Payment Policies

Link to Metro North Train Schedule

• T’ai-Chi Classes at Other Venues:

Tuesday Mornings: 11:15–12:30 P.M. T’ai-Chi Instruction for ages 18 and up at the Family YMCA, 62 Main Street, Tarrytown, NY, starting February 13, 2018. Level: Form instruction for beginners and up. Location: Studio C. Information: To take this class, you need to join the Y or pay the guest fee. Also, you must have photo identification. For addional informaion, email Lesa Dalton at lesad@ymcatarrytown.org or phone her at 914-418-5563

Tuesday Evenings: 7:15–8:45 P.M. T’ai-Chi Instruction for ages 18 and up at the faculty lounge at Horace Greeley High School, 70 Roaring Brook Road, Chappauqa, NY, March 13–June 5, 2018. Level: Form instruction for beginners and up. Location: Faculty Lounge. Fee: $170 for the 12-class series. Information: Contact Chappaqua Continuing Education, 914-238-7201, X2318. https://www.ccsd.ws/district/departments/chappaqua-continuing-education.

Wednesday Mornings: 10:0<0–11:00 A.M. Ongoing T’ai-Chi Instruction for ages 55 and up at the Fox Senior Center, 198 Carpenter Ave. (actually off Carpenter Ave.), Mount Kisco, NY. Fee: Free for Mt. Kisco residents and $3.00 per class for non-residents. Level: Form instruction for beginners and up. Note: No class on June 13, 2018. Information: contact the Mount Kisco Nutrition Center, 914-666-8931. Directions to the Mount Kisco Nutrition Center.


• Also Available

Private Classes.

Gift Certificates for one or more private lessons or a block of Saturday-morning classes.

Advanced Classes (not listed here but may be attended with permission).

Corporate and Non-Profit Workshops in Balance Improvement / Stress-Management / T’ai Chi / Ch’i Kung during working hours on weekdays.

• Events

None at this time.

Interactive T’ai-Chi Demonstration, Sunday, July 15, 2018, from 1:00 to 2:00 P.M., at Ryder Park, Morningside Drive, off Chappaqua Road, Ossining, NY.

None currently available.
T’ai-Chi Workshop
Robert Chuckrow will present a three-hour T’ai-Chi workshop on Sunday, February 18, 2018, in mid-Manhattan, NYC, entitled ”Are Your Movements Consistent with the Basic T’ai-Chi Principles?” Click here for details.

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