Articles About and Information on T’ai Chi (Taiji) and Ch’i Kung (Qigong)

Seven Ways of Validating Your Progress in T’ai Chi

Is it Possible for Muscles to Actively Extend? (revised 10/14/15)

Peng, Jin, and Li

Cultivating the Correct Internal State in T’ai-Chi Movement (revised 6/23/16)

An Analysis of “Rooting and Redirecting”

How T’ai Chi Improves Memory

“A Hand Is Not A Hand”

Dangers of Overusing Images in Movement Arts

“Swimming on Land”

Stepping Like a Cat

Mind, Body, and Spirit

Non-Intention and Being in the Moment (revised 6/22/16)

Circular Modalities in T’ai-Chi Movement

Mind-Body Unification

Teaching T’ai Chi to Seniors

Cheng Man-ch’ing’s Short Form and The Yang-Style Long Form: Their Differences and Relative Benefits

How Does Practicing T’ai Chi Reduce Falls?

Tucking the Tailbone in T’ai-Chi-Form Practice: Good or Bad?

Practicing Jin (Correct Strength) Within the T’ai-Chi Form

A Biological Interpretation of Ch’i

The Head and Eyes During T’ai-Chi-Form Practice: Three Modalities.

Did Former American Slaves Practice T’ai Chi?

Why Study T’ai Chi?

A Clarification of “Secret” Teachings Revealed by Cheng Man-ch’ing.

How to Recognize Jin.

Recognizing and Cultivating Ch’i in T’ai-Chi Movement

“Wrong”—or “Different”?

Independence of Movement

About T’ai-Chi Sword

The Importance of Continuity in T’ai Chi

Correcting Knee, Ankle, and Arch Alignment Problems

About T’ai Chi

Benefits of T’ai Chi

Philosophy of Yin and Yang

Deciding on a Teacher

About Ch’i Kung (Qigong)

How to Learn from a Video

Robert Chuckrow’s Stretching Routine

How the Use of Eyes Affects Balance

T’ai-Chi Forms: Descriptions, Photos, and Names of Movements

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