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Nutrition, Diet, and Other Health-Related Subjects

Articles on T’ai Chi (Taiji) and Ch’i Kung (Qigong):
“Swimming on Land” (revised 7/3/18)
Tucking the Tailbone in T’ai-Chi-Form Practice: Good or Bad? (revised 2/25/18).
“Use the Mind and Not Force”
Muscular Strength: Advantages of Expansion Over Contraction in T’ai Chi
Seven Ways of Validating Your Progress in T’ai Chi
Is it Possible for Muscles to Actively Extend? (revised 10/14/15)
Cultivating the Correct Internal State in T’ai-Chi Movement (revised 6/23/16)
An Analysis of “Rooting and Redirecting”
“A Hand is Not a Hand”
Stepping Like a Cat
Non-Intention and Being in the Moment (revised 6/22/16)
Circular Modalities in T’ai-Chi Movement
The Cheng Man-ch’ing Short Form Versus The Yang-Style Long Form
Tucking the Tailbone in T’ai-Chi-Form Practice: Good or Bad?
A Biological Interpretation of Ch’i
The Head and Eyes During T’ai-Chi-Form Practice: Three Modalities
A Clarification of “Secret” Teachings Revealed by Cheng Man-ch’ing
Why Study T’ai Chi?
How to Recognize Jin
Correcting Knee, Ankle, and Arch Alignment Problems
Additional Articles on T’ai Chi and Ch’i Kung

T’ai-Chi Classes and Events with Robert Chuckrow in Westchester County, NY:
Times, Locations, and Directions (A new class is starting in Chappaqua, NY, in September.)

Note: Interactive T’ai-Chi Demonstration, Sunday, July 15, 2018, from 1:00 to 2:00 P.M., at Ryder Park, Morningside Drive, off Chappaqua Road, Ossining, NY. Directions to Ryder Park

T’ai-Chi Forms:
Descriptions, Photos, Video Clips, and Names of Movements

Ward Off Left

Ward off left

Lan Que Wei Zuo Peng

Lan Que Wei Zuo Peng

About Robert Chuckrow

Articles on Nutrition and Health:
Therapeutic Magnets—A Possible Mechanism for Their Alleged Benefits
How Much Protein Should One Consume?
Is Canned Mackerel a Natural Source of Omega 3?
Is High-Fructose Corn Syrup More Fattening Than Cane Sugar?
Water and Other Beverages
Hunger Pangs—What They are and How to Alleviate Them
Vegetarianism Pros and Cons
Why Diets Fail
Overweight: its Causes and How it Can be Reversed by Natural Means
True and False Hunger
Heartburn and Acid Reflux
A Possible Link Between Digestion and Arthritis and Allergies
Therapeutic Fasting
Are Double-Blind Experiments Valid?
Red Wine?
Are Supplements a Waste of Money?
Problems with the Food Pyramid
Additional Articles on Nutrition and Health

Articles on Kinetic Awareness® (KA):
Recognizing and Attaining Optimal Alignment of Knees, Ankles, and Arches
How to Educate and Improve Your Lower Back
Relieving a Stiff Neck Using Kinetic Awareness Principles
Is it Possible for Muscles to Actively Extend?

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